Tulisan 4 Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2#

WRITING : Make 5 sentences using has to or have to or had to
  1. I have to wash my motorcycle today
  2. I had to go to the mall yesterday
  3. she has to write a homework
  4. We don’t have to work tomorrow
  5. I had to study last night
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Tugas 3 Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2#

Last number 9 ( hal95:II )

1. There are various methods of doing that job efficiently.

2. Mr Mendez learned English rapidly and easily.

3. “Be quiet!” the man whispered at us angrily.

4. We moved fast with the strongly wind behind us.

5. Mrs Johnson closed the front door quietly and cautiously.

6. The driver was injured badly in the accident last night.

7. Her dress looked beautiful. She was happily about it.

8. People usually feel lazy during hot weather.

9. I will be completely satisfied with something inexpensive.

10. We told them the news happily. They took the news calmly.

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Tugas 4 Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2#

TASK : Lat 15 page 108 no.6-13

6.      If you want to travel abroad, you have to prepare passport and money.

7.      I’m sorry I was absent from class yesterday, but I had to complete the task.

8.      Erica can’t come to class tomorrow, because She has to go to the hospital today.

9.      I need a car because I had to go to the branch offices located outside the city.

10.    When I work in my uncle’s restaurant , I had to discipline in work.

11.    If you want to enter the university, You have to well-dressed and polite.

12.   We wanted to go on a picnic yesterday, but We couldn’t because we had to back to the school.

13.    I wanted to play a video game yesterday, but I had to back to complete my task.

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tulisan 3 bahasa inggris bisnis 2

  1. Efficiently : andi can’t learn efficiently in a messy room.
  2. Rapidly    : The tree grows rapidly in August.
  3. Angrily     : he worked with an angrily face.
  4. Fastly      : dunung was running so fastly.
  5. Cautiosly :she crossed the street Cautiosly.


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tugas 3 Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2#

1.there are variously metods of doing that job efficient
2.Mr mandes learned english rapid and easy
3.”be queit!” the man whispered at us angrily
4.we moved fast with the strong wind behind us
5.Mrs Johson closed the front door queit and cautious
6.the driver was injured bad in the accident last night
7.her dress looked beautiful she was happy about it
8.people usually feel lazy during hot weather
9.i will be completely satisified with something inexpensive
10.we told them the news happy they took the news calm

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Tulisan 2 Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2#

Contoh kalimat preposition dengan kata “inside”:

They are sleeping inside the tent

Contoh kalimat preposition dengan kata “outside”:

They kids playing football outside the house

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Tugas 2 Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2#

7. I read an interesting article in the newspaper yesterday.

8. Jack lost his pocketknife at the park yesterday. This morning he went back to the park to look for it. Finally he found in the grass. He was glad to have it back

9. Peter was nervous when he held his baby in his arms for the first time.

10. I met Jenifer’s parents when they visited her. She introduced me to them.

11. Yesterday I called Jason on the phone. He wasn’t home, so I spoke to his sister.

12. When I introduced Tom to Ryan, they held hands and smiled at each other.

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